“Dedicated Review of Tax Return from Tax Reduction Vantage Point.” – Not only will TaxVantage™ Consulting, LLC review your tax return and deliver a customized plan to legally reduce your taxes to the legal minimum, placing more money in your pocket this year, but with your permission, we will also have one of our independent, affiliated CPA firms review your tax return as a second opinion on your existing deductions and filing procedures. RETAIL: $1575

“Business Tax Assessment” – In our True Tax™ Process, we will also be looking at ways to reduce unnecessary flow through of taxable income from your business to your personal 1040. RETAIL:  $1975

“R&D Tax Credit Assessment” – In our True Tax™ Process, we will do an initial analysis to determine if your business qualifies for available R&D Tax Credits that could allow us to recapture large amounts of taxes paid over the past three years.  RETAIL:  $3395

“Long Term Capital Gains Deferral Assessment”  During our TrueTax™ Process, we’ll determine if you have any upcoming sales of assets that we are capable of deferring all taxes on for 30 years.  RETAIL: $1995

“HALF! The Ultimate Guide to Cutting Your Taxes in Half. GUARANTEED!” – Written by me, TaxVantage™ Consulting, LLC’s President and Founder. You will receive your own copy of this book that serves as the guide to understanding the legitimacy and reality of cutting your taxes and keeping more of what you make. RETAIL:  $19

“Wealth Preservation and Retirement Health Analysis from one of America’s Most Respected Wealth Advisory Firms.”  RETAIL: $375

“Corporate Entity and Protection Analysis” – One of our affiliated legal firms will provide an analysis of your existing legal structure to determine if you are facing unneeded risks and liabilities in both the areas of lawsuits and taxes. RETAIL:  $375

Retirement Plan Review” - A free analysis of your company retirement plan to determine if you’re paying too much and getting too little. RETAIL: $495 

"What You'll Get with our TrueTax™ Process?"

*** Make sure you read to the end of this page to see our TrueAudit™ Guarantee!!!!***

"I GUARANTEE that when you engage with TaxVantage™ Consulting, we will cut your taxes by tens of thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars in the first six months, allowing you to immediately start keeping more of what you work so hard for.”

My name is Wes Matejka and I started TaxVantage™ Consulting to help successful American’s like yourself keep more of what you make.  Why?  Because I believe in you.  I believe you know better how to spend and invest your money to benefit your future, your families future, your company and employees, and the community you live in than Washington, D.C. does.  Do you believe that too?  Good.  I’m excited to show you how.  But first, I need to know, if I could show you a guaranteed plan to stop paying more in taxes than you should be today, would you be willing to act now to do so?  If your answer is YES, then keep reading… because I'm committed to giving you EVERYTHING you need to quickly cut your taxes, and have confidence you’ll never be caught off guard by what you owe the government at the end of the year, so you can focus on growing your business and wealth as fast and efficiently as possible – AND I've put together a very special deal that's only available for a few select clients. 

You Really Can’t Afford NOT To Invest In our TrueTax™ Process!

Right now, you have two choices: 

You can either continue the path of settling to live with high taxes, limited access to capital and limited business growth. 
You can take action today, right now, by investing in “The Correct Way to Lower Your Taxes, Become More Profitable and Grow Your Business as Efficiently and Risk-Free as Possible”. And start to simplify your life, save money and taxes, and have confidence you’ll never be caught off guard by your finances so you can grow your business and wealth quickly and efficiently!

This choice is yours. 

Imagine that you could lower your taxes, become more profitable and keep more of what you earn, guaranteed… and enjoy a work optional lifestyle! 

Well you can – just by taking the first step now.  Call and set an appointment in the next 24 hours because I won’t take more than 5 new clients this month!

Don’t wait – start today, right now, while it’s still hot on your mind. And be prepared to finally see how amazing it will feel to have your business work for you, not the government so you can enjoy that work optional lifestyle that every business owner dreams of.

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P.P.S, In case you STILL think this is “Too Good to Be True” - we provide all of our clients with our TrueAudit™ Guarantee!  If you’re ever audited for anything we’ve recommended, we’ll not only defend the audit for FREE, we’ll also pay any penalty or interest should you lose the audit! You can’t lose! 


All told, that’s a pretty comprehensive package. And according to my “back of the envelope” reckoning, the total value here pencils out to at least $10,004.

                BUT… Act Before We Can’t Take Any More Clients This Month and You'll Also Receive These FAST-ACTION Bonuses! 

FAST ACTION BONUS #1: Our Colleague’s Book, ‘‘Rescued! – 401(k) Traps Business Owners Must Avoid and Fix" – Value $79! My colleagues’ book will help get you started on the right path for creating more personal wealth and saving additional taxes!

FAST ACTION BONUS #2: "Integrated Payroll Review" – Value $259!We’ll look at payroll expense efficiencies to improve the overall tax savings strategy!

ALL together, these Bonuses RETAIL for $338, but if you act NOW you can get them for FREE! 

All TOGETHER – The Bonuses alone total out to a value of $10,342… but if you act NOW in the next 48 hours you can get EVERYTHING for just $497! 

Do you agree that this package will cut your taxes, and give you confidence that you’ll never be caught off guard by what you owe the government at the end of the year, so you can focus on growing your business and wealth as fast and efficiently as possible?  Possibly… 
but maybe you think it also sounds too good to be true…

Well, You Don’t Have To Take Just My Word For It... 

"Working with Wes & TaxVantage™ Consulting, LLC revolutionized what I pay in taxes and my business!  This stuff really works." - Chris 

That’s only the beginning. I have folders stuffed with similar stories from people just like you. Finally, to make this an even EASIER decision, consider this:

My 110% Risk Free “TrueTax™ Guarantee"
To remove ALL risk to you, if we can’t demonstrate tax savings to you of at least double what our fee is, we will refund not just your money, but your money PLUS 10% . Experience everything...  And if you're not 100% satisfied with everything, just let me know, and you can have a complete and total refund.  

Schedule your FREE, no-obligation consultation with TaxVantage Consulting to find out how we can help you pay less in taxes, keep more of what you make, and use that money - YOUR MONEY - to do greater things in life.  Please provide us with the following information so we can schedule that call.  

Wesley Matejka's NEWEST #1 Best Selling Book – “The UPDATED Ultimate Guide to Cutting Your Taxes. GUARANTEED!” - Will Show You Why Paying 10’s of thousands, Maybe even 100’s of Thousands LESS in Taxes ISN’T “Too Good to Be True”  – GUARANTEED!

Act NOW Before We Can’t Take Any More Clients This Month … Don’t Risk Missing Out!

If you’re interested in lowering your taxes by hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of dollars over the rest of your lifetime, then this will be the most important thing you’ll read all day… so I suggest you grab a cup of coffee or tea, get comfortable, and set aside a couple minutes to consider this question:

 “What Are You Prepared To Do?” 

Sad but true, most people nowadays prefer to run away from reality. But I’m writing this for YOU because I’m certain you’re different… otherwise you wouldn’t have even read this far. There comes a time in every highly successful American’s life when he or she has to stand up and say: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!  And that’s the moment when everything starts to change… when life turns around for the better.   Perhaps you’re at that point now with paying too much in taxes, overfunding government programs, making a lot of money with nothing to show for it, and not getting the results you deserve when it comes to paying your taxes?   If that’s the case with you, great!  So… what are you prepared to do about it? Imagine how you’ll feel when you no longer have to deal with paying too much in taxes, worrying about the IRS and not getting the advice you deserve. 
Imagine what it would be like to put each and every one of these challenges into the past where they belong.

Well, you don’t have to “imagine” any longer - in fact: